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Silicone thickness on the outside – fabric comfort on the inside

Will future gloves not only protect, but also offer a whole new dimension of comfort and functionality? We asked ourselves this question and here is the result! So are you still resisting this innovative force or are you joining us in the next era?

Extremely heat-resistant

Soft inside

Easy to clean

Versatile application

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Everything is very well made, the silicone is firm, yet soft enough that you can grip well. They have no unpleasant smell at all. I lifted heavy cast iron pots out of the 270C hot oven, cleaned the grill, grilled a porchetta on the spit. Dipped into boiling water and shredded pulled pork with my fingers. My hands remained cool and safe in the gloves. I am absolutely thrilled.
Versatile oven gloves
The Heat Pro gloves from Moesta make a good first impression. They are coated with a silicone-like material and are easy to wash off. Due to the coating, they attract lint quite a bit, so it's good that they can be cleaned so easily. They have definitely passed the heat test; holding hot baking sheets or even bread rolls for baking is no problem at all with these gloves, even for a longer period of time. So, really great! The gloves have a small loop for hanging, which is very practical.
Excellent gloves for very high temperatures... perfect for grilling!
Since I grill quite often and unfortunately manage to touch the hot grill or the chimney starter and burn myself, I have been looking for gloves that can really withstand high temperatures for a long time. And I have found them! The oven and grill gloves from Moesta serve their purpose perfectly. I am very satisfied with the gloves and can recommend them without reservation!
Good thermal protection up to 250°
The Moesta oven and grill gloves are a basic necessity for an enthusiastic griller. Whether you just want to take the lid off the Dutch Oven, take the casserole dish out of the oven, move something in the smoker, or take the griddle out of the grill, with the Moesta grill gloves, you can do it without risk.
High-quality HeatPro gloves: A must-have for every hobby chef
The HeatPro gloves from Moesta, unlike other silicone gloves, are very soft and extremely flexible. They withstand heat for a long time and are ideal for handling large pots and a lot of liquid. Here again, the quality of Moesta shows, and I appreciate the reliability of their products. Since I already own several Moesta products, I am convinced of their quality.
The best grill and baking gloves I've ever had on my hands.
I am absolutely thrilled with the Moesta oven and grill gloves. The comfortable wear, the safety in grip, the ability to come into direct contact with the food without the usual problems with fabric gloves have totally convinced me. In addition, the super easy cleaning by simply washing off or running through the washing machine makes these gloves something special. From me, they get a full 5 stars and I would even give an extra bonus star.

Our partners are our best ambassadors.

Jo Semola

Bread baker, influencer
“Mega heat-resistant and food-safe. Absolute life changer on the barbecue, in the bakery and in the kitchen!”


Food blogger katrin_foodandbbq
“A game changer for cooking and baking experiences that covers everything from the grill to the kitchen! I particularly like the colour pink.”

Timo Hinkelmann

Celebrity chef
“The HeatPros are in daily use in my restaurants. Burnt fins are finally a thing of the past.”

Our Heatpro glove protects you and the environment.

At least 3 x longer durability than conventional heat gloves
State-of-the-art production technology
State-of-the-art production technology using liquid silicone
significantly reduces the need for disposable gloves
Production without harmful chemicals makes use with food harmless
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